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A little about us....

We are an all indoor facility with 5 separate play areas for our guests. We separate our play groups by both size & temperament to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time! We have an indoor turf area in a fully windowed room to give an “outdoor” feel without the extreme Arizona heat! We do accommodate pups who need one on one play times with staff only, so long as they are not a safety hazard to our other guests or staff.

So.... why pick us?

Our prices Include everything. Our boarding guests attend daycare through the day so they are never spending their days sitting in their room. We get to know each dog and their special needs to help us give them the best stay possible. If your dog is a “runner” you have the assurance that, even if they manage to escape their room, they’re in a fully enclosed facility and won’t be able to get far.

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Important Info to Know

  1. While we are an “all indoor” facility we do have a turf area for the dogs to play and potty in. Throughout the day we rinse the turf down to clean any excrement. As it is indoor, the turf does not dry super quickly so many of the dogs end up with wet feet. If they play super hard, they sometimes end up fully wet. We do our best to clean them up and dry them off, but we also don’t want to keep you waiting for too long. Please understand your dog is playing, and may come home a little messy/stinky. If you would like us to bathe them before they go home we can, but we need at least 1 hour notice to ensure it gets done!
  2. We have a security camera system, but it is not publicly accessible. We want you to enjoy your time on vacation and not feel as though you need to frequently check in on your dog(s). Feel free to call/email/text us if you’d like to check in on them! We also post videos and photos daily on our Facebook page.
  3. We do not require dogs to be spayed or neutered. We cannot accept females who are in heat. If your un-spayed female goes into heat while staying with us she will be secluded into a fully enclosed suite for her own safety and if she is in group play, she will be removed from it for the rest of her stay. We keep un-spayed and un-neutered dogs separated into different play groups to ensure there are no accidents.

If your pup does 1 on 1 playtimes they will be taken out to play while the other boarding dogs are in the play groups; so they’ll get a morning playtime, mid-morning one, afternoon one, and night time one!

What our day looks like...


Staff comes in around 5 AM and everyone goes out to go potty.


6:30 AM - 8 AM; Breakfast time while the daycare dogs arrive!


Play groups start at 8 AM


11:30/12 PM; Lunch Time! Or afternoon nap if they don't eat lunch (Daycare excluded)


1 PM; All dogs go back to playing!


4/4:30 PM; Dinner time!


5 - 7 pm; Final potty breaks while last few daycare check out


7:30 everyone tucked in for the night!

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Boarding Suites

Recommended for small dogs, medium dogs, or 2 small dogs

Recommended for medium to large dogs, or multiple small.

Can fit 2 medium dogs.

Petite Suite

from $48 per night (2nd pet $43)

Junior Suite

from $58 a night (2nd pet $53)

Recommended for large dogs, multiple medium dogs, or multiple large dogs.

from $68 a night (2nd pet $63)

Classic Suite

Recommended for XL dogs, multiple large or XL dogs. (gate in middle if separation is needed + covered options)

from $78 a night (2nd pet $73)

Master Suite

Their own bedroom! Includes Full bed, large dog bed, personal Alexa, and premium package. (We have 2 of them!)

from $95 a night (2nd pet $90)

Luxury Suite

Premium Package

Available to add on to Petite, Junior, Classic and Master - Included In Luxury.

Package Includes an extra daily one on one play with staff, cuddle time before bed, an enrichment treat, and a bath before check out. ($17 per day)

Boarding FAQ’s

  1. Check in time is after 1 pm and before 6pm. If you are planning to drop off around 5 pm please make sure you have fed them dinner before drop off!
  2. Check out time is from opening to 11 am.
  3. If you need an early check in. or a late check out, a fee of $20 will be applied to the stay (basically, a half day of day care)
  4. You are welcome to bring any bedding/blankets/toys that you want them to have in their suite. We also allow bones/chews so long as they are not Rawhide. We will take any bones away from them before leaving for the night.
  5. We do administer medications (including Insulin).
  6. We have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave if your pet has any special food or medications that require those items.
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Daycare Rates

Full Day (over 5 hrs)


$30 for additional pets

1/2 Day (under 5 hrs)


$20 for additional pets

Package Pricing

Daycare package pricing is available.

Ask for more info!

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The Playrooms


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If you’re a new customer wanting a daycare or boarding reservation, please fill out these forms and email them to us before requesting a reservation.

Required Documents

Our Paperwork

Needed from you

Download or print the documents to fill them out

We require 3 vaccines:

Distemper/Parvo (DHPP)



Please provide documentation from your vet with the expiration dates of all 3 vaccines.

Paperwork can be emailed to HSResort@HeartStringsPetResort.com or dropped off in person, preferably before check in.

Request a Reservation

For New Customers

Please fill out the “required documents” before requesting a reservation with us. Reservations will only be booked once we receive the paperwork we need. Vaccines will be needed before your arrival, but aren’t needed to book the reservation

We can accept last minute, emergency boarding stays or daycare days but paperwork will need to be filled out ASAP or at check in, which may take up to 20 minutes.

For Returning Customers

Please give the team a bit of time to contact you to confirm, or deny the stay. A text will come to you from 408-478-8661.

In the Press

Quotation Mark

Heartstrings Pet Resort has the nicest employees . I am comfortable leaving my two dogs with them and know they will receive professional and personal care from every employee. Jazzy and Roxy loves you all!!

Quotation Mark

Luna has been to many doggy daycare facilities over the years. HeartStrings daycare is the best by far! The facility is clean and well-kept. The staff is great and genuinely cares about all the dogs.

Quotation Mark

Great facility. Staff is friendly, prices are competitive, and my high energy dog is always exhausted when he gets home.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning suites, yards, & common areas.
  • Caring for dogs of all sizes and ages.
  • Feeding and making sure everyone has water
  • Supervising dog play yards while cleaning up after dogs.
  • Watching behavior to ensure every doggy guest is happy and healthy.
  • Doing laundry

If this sounds like the perfect role for you..... click here!

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HeartStrings Pet Resort

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General Info

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930 E Riggs Rd, Unit 5

Chandler, Az 85249

Call - 480-895-4683

Text - 408-478-8661 (yes, 408)


Office Hours

Monday to Friday

6:30 am to 6:30 pm


7:00 am to 6:00 pm


8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Get Social

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Check our facebook for pictures/videos daily as well as updates & upcoming events!